NuFinity® White

NuFinity® White is potent enough to protect against oxidative stress by promoting tissue antioxidant defences & prevent the formation of hyperpigmentation from UV rays by reducing free radicals from the skin.

Oral Sunblock
Firm Up Skin
& Even

14 Days, Regaining Lost Youth

Every tasty sachet of NuFinity® White are formed with pure white tomato extracts, marine collagen + Vitamin C & enriched with melon extracts.

Elite Active Ingredient, White Tomato Extracts

The main ingredients that makes NuFinity® White an effective inside out sun protection and whitening booster. It helps on reducing melanin & eliminate dark spots.

Rich in Marine Collagen + Vitamin C

NuFinity® White - Anti-Clockwise Beauty, elastically firm up your skin, and refine scars & wrinkles. At same time, brightening your skin by inhibit pigmentation.

Formulated with French Melon Extract

Protect against oxidative stress by promoting tissue antioxidant defences.

Ways to Restore

Discover how NuFinity® White helps in regaining lost youth.

Latest Formulation

Maybe the only product contains white tomato & melon extracts with additional marine collagen & Vitamin C.

Unleash Flawless Skin

NuFinity® White helps in lighten acne scars and reducing melanin that cause skin inflammation and pigmentations.

Anti-Clockwise Beauty

Marine Collagen + Vitamin C encourage rebuilds skin firmness & elasticity, to achieve a younger & lifted look.

Stay Young

Powerful antioxidant from melon extract helps remove free radicals from body & prevent oxidative stress.

Designed for you

Get protected from UV while Vitamin C plays a role in the production of collagen and assisting in antioxidant protection.


Restores skin to a luminous state and erases signs of aging & maintaining clear healthier complexion.


One sachet daily, pour directly into mouth. Best consume in the morning before meal or before bedtime.

NuFinity® White

30sachets x 3g

oral sunblock

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NuFinity® White

14sachets x 3g

oral sunblock

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NuFinity® White

The uniqueness of NuFinity® White's colourless carotenoid are clinically proven to protect skin from harmful UV Rays & effectively inhibit melanin synthesis such as age spots, freckles & etc...

White Tomato Extract

White Tomato Extract contains phytoene and phytofluene (colourless carotenoids).
Dietary intake of it can:

  • improve skin radiance
  • even skin complexion
  • regaining from sun damage
  • inhibit melanin
  • eliminate dark spots
  • whitening & brightening

  • UV rays cause Aging

    A common misconception is that sun protection is unnecessary on cloudy days. However, up to 80% of the sun’s UV rays can penetrate through clouds and cause damage to your skin. Your skin needs the protection everyday, regardless of the weather. Be sure to take Nufinity® White daily as your sun protection!


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    Can NuFinity® White replace the use of sunblock?

    NuFinity® White prevents tanning effect by inhibiting melanin formation but it does not prevent sunburn.

    How safe is NuFinity® White?

    Everyone's skin is unique and it's constantly changing but NuFinity® White is 100% natural so it is safe for continuous consumption.

    What is the efficacy of NuFinity® White?

    NuFinity® White is made from natural tomatoes and fish collagen. There are no reported side effects unless one is allergic to tomatoes.

    What is the difference between NuFinity® White and L-Glutathione products?

    NuFinity® White delivers whitening effect by directly inhibiting melanin formation whereas L- Glutathione indirectly achieves this by antioxidative effect. This is why the said promising result can be achieve in 14 days by taking NuFinity® White.


    As the manufacturer of NuFinity® Malaysia, it is our responsibility to carry out the conformity assessment. All NuFinity® product had passed performance tests and quality assurance tests, and meets qualification such as HALAL, GMP & ISO.


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