NuFinity® Iganbo Hovenia Dulcis+ Tablet

Each 500mg tablets contain 82% of Hovenia Dulcis fruit extracts with additional nutrients for treating several diseases like liver damage, parasitic infections, and balancing sugar levels as well as to treat hangovers.

Liver Detox
Liver cells
Managing Liver

how it works

NuFinity® Iganbo is formulated to increase antioxidant enzyme activity to fight against free radicals and prevent oxidative stress.

Liver Detoxifier

NuFinity® Iganbo HD+ by promoting the production of Glutathione (master detoxifier) in body to naturally cleanse toxins and stimulants in the liver.

Improve Liver Vitality

Improves vitality & boosts energy by strengthening & rejuvenates of our liver cells. Meanwhile, maintains momery & mental functions.


Strengthen Immune System by balancing the production of Cytokines (natural cancer cells killer) to protect the body against free radicals and other diseases.

The Benefits

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Korea Formulation

Made from the prized Hovenia Dulcis Berry, NuFinity® Iganbo HD+ is one of Korea’s best-loved liver supplement.

Liver Reliever

Protect cells from damage caused by free radicals due to UV rays, atmospeheric pollution, stress and poor nutrition.

Best Liver Care

Reduces liver index (eg: ALT, AST) and accelerates the recovery of damaged liver cells, thus improving liver functions

Alcohol Detox

Reduces the harmful effects of alcohol and minimizes hangover symptoms. Also, best in treating hangovers.

Designed for you

Improve blood glucose uptake by increasing density of 𝛃-cells in pancreatic islets, treats fatty liver & Hepatitis.

Cost Effective

Compare our product with others, NuFinity® Iganbo HD+ is 5 times cheaper with even better efficacy.

NuFinity® Iganbo HD+

Hovenia Dulcis Berry Extract(410mg), Vitamin C, Chitosan Oligomer, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, Zinc, Vitamin B5, Biotin

A Healthy Liver for A Healthy Lifestyle

While NuFinity® Iganbo HD+ is suitable for everyone, it is particularly helpful for people who is sociable workaholic, irregular meals, smoking and frequent drinking. NuFinity® Iganbo HD+ provides a good solution for problem below:

  • Smoke & drink excessively
  • Work without sufficient rest
  • Have a stressful lifestyle
  • Being overweight

  • Hovenia Ducis Berry

    NuFinity® Iganbo HD+, is using Hovenia Dulcis, Japanese Raisin Tree that has been used as a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) by Chinese and Korean medical practitioners for treating several diseases like liver damage, parasitic infections, and balancing sugar levels as well as to treat hangovers. It is growing preferably in a sunny position on moist sandy and loamy soils.


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    What is the difference between Hovenia Dulcis product & Milk Thistle product?

    Both are for liver care but they contain different active ingredients. Hovenia Dulcis extract has been scientifically proven to effectively reduce liver index such as AST, ALT & GGT , the indicator of liver damage.

    How soon will I be able to see the results of NuFinity® Iganbo Hovenia Dulcis+ Tablet?

    In general, initial improvement can be expected within days while the maximal effects can be seen in 4 weeks. Individual result may vary. It is advisable to consume regularly to maintain liver health and protect liver from damages caused by unhealthy lifestyle.

    Is there any side effects in taking NuFinity® Iganbo Hovenia Dulcis+ Tablet?

    Most people do not experience any side effects. It contains various nutrients essential for the body and can contribute to overall health.

    Will I get addicted or dependent after long-term consumption of NuFinity® Iganbo Hovenia Dulcis+ Tablet?

    There is NO known risk of addiction or dependency in taking NuFinity® Iganbo Hovenia Dulcis+ Tablet. It is safe to be taken on a long-term basis.

    Can I take NuFinity® Iganbo Hovenia Dulcis+ Tablet if I am under the prescription of other medications?

    Yes. However, it is appropriate to consult your doctor if you have any medical history.

    How long can I take NuFinity® Iganbo Hovenia Dulcis+ Tablet?

    It can be taken every day for hepatoprotective purposes as it helps in increasing liver metabolism and the regeneration of liver cells.
    For hepatoprotection:
    Take 2 tablets daily after meal.
    For hepatodetox:
    Take 3 tablets, 2 times daily after meal in the first 10days. Subsequently, take 2 tablets, 2 times daily after meal in the next 15days.


    As the manufacturer of NuFinity® Malaysia, it is our responsibility to carry out the conformity assessment. All NuFinity® product had passed performance tests and quality assurance tests, and meets qualification such as HALAL, GMP & ISO.


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