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Our products are all tested, tried and certified by various organizations. We have certifications from KKM, GMP, ISO and so many more than only serves as testament to our quality and dedication to our customers.

NuFinity® White

30sachets x 3g

NuFinity® SynPro®

30sachets x 2g

NuFinity® SynPro®

10sachets x 2g

NuFinity® Iganbo

60tablets x 500mg

NuFinity® Instant Hand Sanitizer with Essential Oil

Fragrance-Free / 500ml

NuFinity® Instant Spray Sanitizer

Fragrance-Free / 100ml


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NuFinity® White / 30Sachets - RM248 RM288.00
NuFinity® White / 14Sachets - RM139.90 RM149.90
NuFinity® SynPro / 30Sachets - RM119.99 RM126.00
NuFinity® SynPro / 10Sachets - RM40.99 RM49.90
NuFinity® Iganbo / 60Tablets - RM120.99 RM129.99
NuFinity® Gel Sanitizer / Essential Oil 500ml - RM35.99 RM49.90
NuFinity® Gel Sanitizer / Essential Oil 60ml - RM8.99 RM14.99
NuFinity® Sanitizer Spray / 100ml - RM9.99 RM12.99

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