NuFinity® White

Whitening From Within

MALAYSIA’S FIRST EDIBLE SUNBLOCK - NuFinity White is a Natural & Unique product to maintain beautiful, healthy, radiant & younger appearance from within.

NuFinity® White is the 1st botanical drink in the market that offers skin beautifying effects and whitening from within. It is truly an innovation inspired by nature for those seeking infinite beauty and anti ageing.

An all natural formulation containing tomato extract, melon extract, marine collagen as well as natural sweetness and flavor from pomegranate and apple juice powder help to provide and maintain beautiful, healthy and radiant appearance.

Who should take NuFinity® White?

Freckles and Melasma

• Grey-brown irregularly shape spots on the face
• UV rays stimulated melanocytes on & beneath the skin

Wrinkles And Textures

• Furrows, folds or creases on the skin
• UV rays speed up the degradation of collagen

Uneven Skin Tone

• Hyperpigmentation
• Repeatedly expose to UV causes overproduction of melanin

Tanned Skin

• Darker skin colour
• Melanogenesis caused by excessive UV radiation

NuFinity® White - Tomato Extract

The study provides direct evidence that dietary supplements containing a tomato powder rich in the colourless carotenoids Phytoene and Phytofluene, can help protect the skin against UV damage, providing a significant photoprotective effect.

The increase in Minimum Eerythermal Dose (MED) also shows that these colourless carotenoids do migrate and accumulate into the skin and help the skin’s general conditions, as shown by substantial improvements in both clinical and self-evaluation of the skin

NuFinity® White - Marine Collagen

The results show that a combination of hydrolyzed collagen, together with other ingredients, when consumed orally for 9 weeks can significantly reduce the depth of wrinkles, whereas there was no significant reduction with placebo.

In fact, there was a statistically significant 8% reduction in wrinkle depth in the group taking the test product