NuFinity® SynPro

Fully Manufactured in Korea

NuFinity SynPro - Botanical Beverage Mixed Pomegranate and Apple with Probiotics and Prebiotics

More than 30 trillion bacteria live on human beings and play an important role in our daily life to maintain good health. The most common probiotics include Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium.

NuFinity® SynPro is a synbiotic product that utilities 20 billion live bacteria with 11 different types of bacterial strains contribute to the maintenance of balanced gut microbiota. It helps to reset the balance, increase the number of helpful, and inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria.

Who should take NuFinity® SynPro?

Probiocap® Microencapsulation Principle

Probiocap® technology is applied after lyophilisation on freeze-dried particles of live bacteria in a fluidized air-bed device.