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Our mission is critical to your health. Your health is mission critical!

Our NUFINITY® logo portrays our vision to be a global leader in nutritional food and health supplements market. NU – Derived from the word “Nutrition”; that is the science that interprets the interaction of nutrients and other substances in food related to maintenance, growth, reproduction, health and disease of an organism. FINITY – Derived from the word “Infinity”; a concept describing something larger than any natural number.

Ethics we trust

We believed that supplement is the best prevention of all diseases, we want people to know this too. In order to ascertain our sales staff to keep abreast with the latest market development and know-how, training is provided locally and abroad by our esteemed Principals. Our quality range of beauty, vitamin, minerals, herbal and nutritional supplements, and continued support of the community and environment, are among the many reasons NuFinity® is the most trusted name in Malaysia.

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We always make sure all products and its efficacy are in the tip top enhancement level by utilizing patterned formula & ingredient or award winning technology.NuFinity®' extensive range of beauty, vitamins, minerals, herbal and nutritional supplements is developed by in-house experts using high quality ingredients from around the world and made to exacting requirements under the international Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention and Ministry of Health of Malaysia (KKM) standards of good manufacturing practice (GMP) in accordance with Malaysia requirements.

NuFinity® Vision & Mission

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NuFinity® Vision

Sourcing Exceptional Ingredients
NuFinity® cares deeply about where our ingredients come from. Our research and development team travels the world, sourcing exceptional ingredients, maintaining oversight of origin, and providing complete supply chain transparency. We partner only with suppliers whose practices emphasize quality, science, and responsibility. Better ingredients mean better potency, absorption, and digestibility – and ultimately better health.
Best Possible Ingredients
There are no unnecessary fillers or additives NuFinity® supplements. NuFinity® is committed to providing high-quality supplements that contain research-backed ingredients, in efficacious amounts, that retain the potency to meet label claims until the day of expiration. We work with some of the world's leading raw material suppliers, going to great lengths to source high quality ingredients that comply with our strict ingredients policy.
Complete Customer Support
NuFinity® works with extracts from plants, supplemented with vitamins and minerals, to nourish and support the body. The innovative nutricines from Alfa are safe and meet the strictest quality standards. NuFinity® have a very high efficiency due to the diversity and the synergistic effect of the ingredients and the choice of natural active substances with the best absorption by the organism.NuFinity® nourishes your body and gives it the power to meet daily challenges.

NuFinity® Mission

To Redefine What It Means To Be Well
With a focus on research and education, NuFinity® team includes researchers, academics, healthcare professionals, and educators who translate the evidence-base into practical healthcare education and resources. Each year we commit to a strong new product pipeline based on the latest research and scientific findings to enable us to provide quality health solutions with a strong evidence base.
Continue To Push The Limits Of Human Potential
We also commission independent chemical and microbiological testing at GMP-licensed laboratories for all our products, as well as work with a variety of regulatory and government bodies to understand the complexities of each markets' requirements and successfully achieve compliant registrations.
Complete Customer Support
With an equal-minded goal to support personal health, our mission is to service you as professional, client or patient with access to qualitative food supplements and high deliverability. Apex Biocare Sdn Bhd & NuFinity® are happy to walk this talk.


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